Way to Die #226
Name of the death is a pun on “gas” and “basketball"
Date November 21, 1993
Location Ball State College

Kenosha, Wisconsin

Episode this death
was featured in
"Unforced Errors"

“Gasketballed”, Way to Die #226, is the third death to be featured in “Unforced Errors”, which aired on February 8, 2009.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Meet Jack and Sally. They love having sex, even though they are just high school students. Then all of a sudden, Jack sees something - a giant basketball. It was left there from yesterday's prep-rally, but both of them want to go in there because they can have not only sex privately, but also have fun.

It was Sally who was the first to see the inside. It looked very cool. They decided to go in through the zipper. Soon, they were having fun. Jack's voice was so funny and both of them found out this was a great place indeed.

Unfortunately, after several minutes, they needed fresh air - the helium of the ball was getting the better of them. But disaster struck - the magic zipper was no-where to be found. Soon, they both suffocate of lack of air.

"It was only a matter time before their fun turned to none."

Interviewees[edit | edit source]

  • Dr. S. Thomas Carmichael - Neurologist
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