Way to Die #640
"Tumble Die"
Name of the death is a pun on “tumble dry"
Tumble Die.png
Episode this death
was featured in
"Life Will Kill You"

“Tumble Die”, Way to Die #640, is the sixth and final death to be featured in the Series Premiere “Life Will Kill You”, which aired on May 14, 2008.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Hector Madeira is here to repair an industrial-sized clothes dryer at one of the largest hospitals in the Los Angeles area. Following safety procedures, Hector had his partner, Brent kill the breaker before climbing inside the giant dryer. What he didn't realize was that Brent accidentally cut off the power to the wrong machine. The unit Hector was now inside of was still hot. The door closed tight and Hector was trapped. He knew he had only a few seconds before the dryer would start its cycle. Spinning wildly and hitting temperatures well over 200 degrees, poor Hector was being shaken and baked to death. Six long minutes later, Brent finally returned but it was too late.

Interviewees[edit | edit source]

  • Dr. Howard Oliver - Forensic Pathologist
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